Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crib with a Door

I've had a request to blog about the crib we have. I say have, rather than use, because we haven't yet gotten much of a chance to use the crib just yet. I've napped in it a couple times, but I still sleep in the co-sleeper at night in mommy's room. The crib brand is "Babee Tenda" (I know, right?), and the feature that is so great for wheelchair users is the door in the side. It's not the same as a drop-side, but an actual door. At first mommy thought it might seem like a dog kennel, but it doesn't. It's supposed to convert to a toddler bed.

This crib is still tough to use with one hand (mommy has to unlatch the top and bottom separately and it would be easier to do them both at once). The crib sits pretty low, so mommy has to lower the seat of her power wheelchair to get me in and out. I'm guessing I can get her to actually crawl in with me and tuck me in! It stinks that this is the only crib like this on the market because it's severely overpriced! Check for occasional price drops and craigslist (just don't get murdered, please).

 It does clean up pretty nice:
 (Don't worry, the bumper's just for show. It's mesh, but mommy will take it out before I sleep in there)


  1. People had SUCH a fit over me pictures of Hannah's (also intended for show) bumper and then by the time I put her in there she was such a rolly polly that she kept bonking her head HARD...My paranoia of head injuries outweighed my bumped concerns and the bumper returned. She didn't sleep in there until around 5 months I think. On another note, I just heard from another new mom with a disability that I recommended this crib to that they are no longer making them because they are now banned! She said she called bebee tenda directly and was told this. I agree it's totally overpriced-especially bummed since it's not even real wood but it's been great for us and I'm sad if it's true that they are done making them.

  2. Hmmmm, the company definitely seemed sketch to me... but honestly as you know there is no other crib out there a wheelchair user can easily reach baby in. And good luck trying to get someone to adapt one - the liability risk is huge. I'm not sure about "banned" but last time I checked it had not been recalled. This could be a niche market for someone!!!